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Here you will find information on us, everything you need to know about us, and — sometimes (keep checking back) — even some simple Pilates exercises you can try yourself at home.

Pilates (pronounced pill-AH-teez) is in fact one of the best exercise formats you can follow — whatever your fitness level. Pilates is a multi-muscle training technique which — when done correctly — can increase strength, flexibility and mobility.

It was designed around 90 years ago to support general daily activities so is suitable for people who do not otherwise train. On the other hand, the more active also find it highly beneficial as a cross-training technique.

What Do We Offer?
Our Pilates is Classically-based Pilates. Classical Pilates is the original Pilates adhering to the Joseph Pilates principles, available for everyone — though also suited as a rehabilitation exercise to anyone with any medical or health concerns — which is why it is sometimes referred to as Clinical Pilates. Clinical Pilates is what you might have been referred to do, following recommendation by health professionals such as GPs, consultants, physiotherapists and so on.

That’s not to say we teach exactly as Joseph Pilates originally developed. Over the years, even while Joseph was alive and certainly in the years since, Pilates has evolved as new procedures, techniques, medical advancements, improvements and new thinking about exercise have been incorporated so that it is a very different exercise format to Joseph’s original programme. For a start, his programme was configured around only 34 specific exercises, some of which can really only be performed by advanced students such as performance dancers and athletes. In an up-to-date Pilates session the exercises you will do differ considerably from the original 34, and should be adapted for each individual’s requirements.

What we offer is, we believe, the best Pilates instruction available. We stand by that, and we guarantee what we do.

Why are we so committed to what we do? Well, we think different about exercise; our whole philosophy is based upon Pilates and the beneficial effects it can give; and we know that when people try us, they stick with us.

What does Pilates do?
Pilates teaches you to hold your posture correctly. It helps to balance the torso and trains core stability by building abdominal, pelvic and back strength. Many medical experts believe when the spine is in alignment and supported properly by strong abdominal muscles, the involuntary functions of the body such as breathing, heartbeat, digestion, elimination of waste and psychological health are all improved. Breathing is a large part of Pilates, teaching you to protect the spine through correct breathing — which in turn helps to increase energy.

Properly executed, all Pilates exercises are performed with precision and control, not only developing greater strength but reducing the risk of injury. Every exercise is a thought process, which teaches us to become more aware of what we unconsciously do with our bodies. This allows us to develop the areas that need special attention and readdress the balance.

Starting Pilates With Us
We offer three main entry routes into Pilates with us:

1 bespoke Pilates in one-to-one, two-to-one, or three-to-one sessions. We can directly tailor your Pilates programme to suit all kinds of requirements
2 we have a suite of three Pilates Reformers, which are available for one-to-one bespoke use, or micro-group regular classes. The Reformers page gives lots more information
3 we offer Biomechanics screening, and resultant bespoke Pilates-based programmes. Check the Biomechanics page for more information.

Our Money-Back Guarantee

We believe passionately that Pilates — done properly, in a one-to-one or micro-group programme — can help everyone. In fact, we believe it so strongly that we offer a money-back guarantee.

We know that what we offer our clients is the best Pilates experience available. We stand by that with our money-back guarantee — try us for two sessions, and if you don't agree that we offer the best Pilates experience, the best value-for-money, and — quite simply — the best possible Pilates you can get — then we will refund all your money.

No nonsense, no quibble, no fuss!

Who Do We Help?
Our clients range in age from 18 to 80+. We work with everyone, from those looking simply to maintain freedom of movement, through to Olympic athletes looking to complement their skills.

Among our recent and current clients are famous football squads looking to get that edge over their rivals; golfers wanting help to improve their swing; young tennis players and horse-riders looking to turn professional soon; many people who have been referred by their gp, consultant, physiotherapist, osteopath, or other healthcare professionals for rehabilitation; and others who simply wish to maintain their movement and fitness levels.

Your age and ability doesn’t matter! Pilates — with our qualified and experienced Pilates Coaches — is for everyone.

NOTE: If you are looking for larger Pilates classes, our associate company Jane Thomas Pilates runs small-group Pilates classes around the Loughborough area, probably in a venue quite near you. Like us, Jane Thomas Pilates believes it is not possible to do Pilates correctly in large groups, so these local venue groups — while slightly larger — are still restricted in numbers of participants: an average of only 12. Click or tap here to be taken to the Jane Thomas Pilates website.

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